The Florida Report

On Wednesday I was feeling a bit melancholy, and I'd also run out of bagels (possibly related). So I went for a walk to the bagel store, listening to sad Ani DiFranco songs on the way. When I got there, the bagel store was closed, so I walked to the grocery store, where the bagels are less stupendous, but acceptable in emergencies. On the way home I wore my sunglasses and my sun visor because the light was blinding, and I crouched under my purple sparkly iridescent umbrella because it also happened to be pouring. Just your normal summer day in north Florida.

The sad thing about summer here is that the pelicans on the broken-down pilings in the river go away -- maybe they go out to sea? But recently, a single blue heron has been spending a lot of time on the pilings. A solitary blue (for you Cynthia Voigt fans out there). I stopped to commune with the heron for a few minutes; and then, closer to home, I stopped to commune with a couple of the neighborhood's less skittish cats.

It was just the walk I needed.

I don't have a lot to say today. I'm flying up to South Bend tomorrow for a wedding, and I'm looking forward to some quiet time with family in a pretty place. But I'm never very talkative before I travel and I'm often melancholy, even when it's a trip I completely, 1000% want to go on. Most likely it's on account of I still haven't been bitten by any radioactive bugs, or kidnapped and skeletally modified, or experimented on by a mad scientist: i.e., I still don't possess my preferred superpower of teleportation. I like the actual act of flying through the sky, I like being on trains, etc., etc. But I find the preparations disrupting and exhausting. Teleportation would solve the problem: no need to get to the airport at 6am; no worries if you forget your phone charger, because you can always pop back for it. Hell, teleporters don't even need phones. Really, I'm ready for the responsibilities of this awesome power, if anyone out there would like to bestow it upon me.

So. Not much to say. So I'll spare all of you now, and stop saying things. Happy reading and writing, everyone.


NoGrandmother said…
I fail to understand what all those dang physicists are doing with their time, given that it's clearly not providing us with the teleportation that we NEED.
Kristin Cashore said…

I need to go pack, and I can't tell you how much it's depressing me... dang physicists.
Anonymous said…
Ah, Ani DiFranco. She's so distinct. I, too, listen to her, particularly when I am in a coffee shop with some overly expensive beverage I don't really like and am feeling avant grade and creative. This comment also serves as an excuse to test OpenId for the first time ever.

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