• In Norway, my books will be published by Cappelen Damm. (6/3/13)
  • Bitterblue is a number one bestseller in Sweden! Thank you, dear Swedish readers, and thank you to the wonderful people at Semic! (5/22/13)
  • Happy news from Sweden: Bitterblue is a bestseller there. Many thanks to my devoted Swedish readers! (4/4/13)
  • Fire has been named a YALSA 2013 Popular Paperback for Young Adults, on the "Boarding Schools to Summer Camps: Leaving Home to Find Yourself" list. I knew that scene where I sent Fire to summer camp would pay off someday. (2/7/13)
  •  Bitterblue has been named to the 2013 Rainbow List, which is a joint project of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table and the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association. Thank you, GLBTRT, for this honor! (1/30/13)
  •  My Bulgarian publisher for the series will be EMAS-Vasilka Vancheva-Et. Yay! (1/21/13)
  • The New York Times has mysteriously changed its mind and decided my books are a series after all; they can now be found on the series bestseller list.
  • Just popping in on May 12, 2012 to confess that I've been terrible at updating the news. There's just been too much of it, and I've been busy with other things. Bitterblue is premiering on the New York Times bestseller list at #2 and the Indie bestseller list at #1; there are lots of reviews I haven't gotten around to adding to my review page yet; check out the cool site Penguin created for my books, Now that the tour is over, I'll hope to start updating a few newsy things on the blog. Thanks for your patience! (5/12/12)
    • The publisher Čarobna Knjiga in Serbia will publish my books -- and make for my 30th foreign language. Yay! (2/18/11)
    • In Japan, Graceling will be published by Hayakawa. I'm thrilled. :o) (2/2/11)
    • The news page has been quiet for a while, but here's a nice addition: in Germany, Fire (Die Flammende) has debuted on the Spiegel adult hardcover bestseller list. Thank you so much to my German readers! (1/20/11)
    • In China, my books will be published by Yongzheng. (6/28/10)
    • Fire has been nominated for the 2010-2011 New Hampshire Flume Award, New Hampshire’s teen choice award program sponsored by the New Hampshire State Library. (5/20/10)
    • Fire has been nominated for the 2010-2011 Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading Book Award List. Thanks to my native state ^_^. (5/18/10)
    • Fire has been selected for the 2010 Pennsylvania School Library Association’s Young Adult Top Forty (or so) reading list for fiction. Thanks, PSLA! (5/17/10)
    • 25 is a nice number. Graceling is in its 25th week on the New York Times Best Sellers List! (5/1/10)
    • Fire is a YALSA 2010 Teens’ Top Ten Nomination. Readers across the country, ages twelve to eighteen, will vote online for their favorite titles between August 23 and September 17; the winners will be announced in a webcast featuring WWE Superstars and Divas during Teen Read Week. Thanks, YALSA! (4/17/10)
    • Fire has been named one of Booklist's “Top 10 SF/Fantasy Titles for Youth” (featured in the May 15 issue). (4/17/10)
    • In Croatia, I will be published by Algoritam. (4/3/10)
    • I am in the middle of a (long!) European book tour, with events and interviews in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal. (4/3/10)
    • Fire has been named to the 2010 Cooperative Children’s Book Center Choices list. Thank you, CCBC! (3/1/10)
    • Fire has been chosen as one of 16 contenders for the 2010 School Library Journal Battle of the Books. Check out the other battling books and the distinguished judges here. (2/22/10)
    • Fire is the winner of the Cybil in the category of YA Fantasy and Science Fiction. Thank you to the YA F/SF panel for giving me such good news on Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day! :D (2/14/10)
    • I now have a Hungarian publisher. Thank you, Könyvmolyképző Kiadó, for becoming my publisher in my twenty-fifth foreign territory! (2/4/10)
    • Graceling continues to astonish me by hanging on to the NYT best seller list, now for 17 weeks. (1/31/10)
    • Fire has been selected as one of the Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books of 2009. Thanks, CPL! (1/8/10)
    • The latest Horn Book is out and includes my article, "Hot Dog, Katsa!", which was adapted from the speech I gave at the 2009 Summer Institute at the Center for the Study of Children's Literature at Simmons College (my grad school alma mater). The article is in the print magazine, of course, but it's also online. It's about the (frustrating) rules the writer encounters when writing fantasy. (1/4/10)
    • Both Fire and Graceling have been hanging out together on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list for the past couple of months. (1/1/10)
    • Fire is a Cybils finalist in the YA Fantasy/SF category! Thanks, Cybils judges, and congratulations to all the nominees! (1/1/10)
    • Just a quick update re: the NYT Best Seller list: Graceling is enjoying its 13th week on the list. (1/1/10)
    • Graceling is holding strong on the NYT Best Seller list. I think I'm going to stop posting updates about this, though, because it's starting to stress me out. :o) (11/23/09)
    • Fire is a Booklist Editors' Choice for 2009. (11/18/09)
    • I've reorganized my Contacts, Info, and Credits page in an attempt to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for; info about foreign release dates and purchasing signed copies is now closer to the top. (11/18/09)
    • Both books continue to hang onto the New York Times Best Seller List by the skin of their teeth! :o) (11/15/09)
    • Graceling is now in its 5th week on the New York Times Best Seller List, and Fire in its 4th. Continued thanks to booksellers and book buyers! (11/7/09)
    • In Russia, my books will be published by AST. (11/5/09)
    • Both Graceling and Fire are holding strong on the New York Times Best Seller List. Thank you, readers :o) (11/1/09)
    • Check out the radio show The Author Hour on VoiceAmerica on Thursday, October 22, at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific, to hear interviews with Diana Gabaldon, Shannon Hale, Meg Cabot, and me. Go here to listen! (The interview will be available online after the show airs.) (10/21/09)
    • Both Fire and Graceling are on the Indie Bestsellers list at for the week ending October 11, 2009. Thank you, indies, and all those who buy indie! :o) (10/20/09)
    • I've set up an arrangement with my new local indie, Harvard Bookstore, for anyone who wants to purchase signed/personalized copies of the books online. Please see my Contacts, Info, and Credits page for instructions (about half-way down). (10/18/09)
    • Fire has premiered on the New York Times children's best seller list at #4 for the week ending October 10, and Graceling is back on the paperback list at #4. Thank you to my fans! (10/14/09)
    • Fire releases today in the USA and Canada and my tour begins. (10/5/09)
    • I now have a Vietnamese publisher. Thank you, Nhã Nam! (9/28/09)
    • My October '09 tour schedule for the release of Fire is now finalized. See my Appearance Schedule page. Please note that most of my appearances will be school events, not open to the public. Public events are in red. (9/22/09)
    • I now have a Turkish publisher. Thank you to Pegasus Publishment for taking on my books and for making Turkey my twentieth foreign territory! (9/22/09)


    In an attempt to keep my blog posts uncluttered, I began this News page on 9/22/09. All book news from 9/22/09 on is announced here. All book news prior to 9/22/09 is incorporated into blog posts.

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