Jane, Unlimited comes out in paperback today! Also, Postcards to Voters

Seems like there are a lot of book birthdays recently. Today, Jane, Unlimited comes out in paperback. Not only is she at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but at Powells, she is a Pick of the Month! She's probably also at your favorite indie bookstore :o).

Also, I want to share something I've been doing lately, in case it's something you might like to do too. Do you know about Postcards to Voters? Now and then, when I have a few minutes, I've been writing postcards to Democrats who live in districts with important upcoming elections. It's an impressively organized system — very easy to get as many addresses as you have time for instantly — and it makes me feel less powerless and more hopeful. If you're a person who wants more registered Democrats to show up at the polls, consider checking it out! (Edited to add: the voting date for Danny O'Connor is actually August 7, not August 2, so if you're joining in, do NOT copy my postcard! Agh!)

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