Guess Where I Am

The view outside the plane window on the way to this destination...

...was variations on this theme...

...for about six hours.

The capital city is hilly...

hot and hazy...

with many bright flowers.

It's mountainous here.

Cows in a truck.

Rolling hills

and a beautiful sun

and geckos.

Maybe it's time for some direct clues. This is a Kenyan beer...
but I am not in Kenya.
This is a Ugandan gin...
but I am not in Uganda.

I am not in Tanzania... but the hills in the backdrop of this picture are.

Maybe this license plate game will help.
This truck is from Tanzania; check out the license plate.

This car is from Uganda.

This truck is from the country I'm in...

as are these cars and motos.

If you've guessed I'm in the beautiful, mountainous country of Rwanda, you win. :o) The first three photos are the Sahara Desert from above, the next three the capital city of Kigali. Next up are pictures from the drive to Akagera National Park, and the picture with the hills of Tanzania in the background was taken in the park. My next post will be pictures from the park, where I was SO HAPPY to be in possession of Fancy Camera. Stay tuned! But don't hold your breath, because the Wi-Fi situation is a bit dire and I'm not sure when the next post will happen.

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