Book Recs + A Final Post of Tour Pictures -- Again from Seattle

A couple books I recently loved:

Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure, by Sam Cameron, which is kind of a brilliant, modern-day Hardy Boys-esque adventure in which the young detectives are identical twins, one straight, one gay. It's awesome to read adventurous hijinks in a familiar form (of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew ilk), but with diversity, on several axes. Book two, The Secret of Othello, comes out in November.

And: What I Didn't See, stories by Karen Joy Fowler, is spectacular. Some realism, some fantasy, some Shakespearean and fairy tale themes, some historical fiction, especially about the Booth family (of first theatrical, then assassination-of-Abraham-Lincoln fame). My favorite stories in the collection: "Booth's Ghost" and "Halfway People." I understand that the paperback is coming out this summer.

For those interested, the New York Times has changed its mind and decided my books are a series after all, so if you're looking for my books, they're now on the series bestseller list.

Now, I just have a few more tour pictures I wanted to share. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the gorgeous Seattle Public Library. (And also one shot of the Space Needle.)

 I never would have suspected it was a library.
 An inside view.

 The Teen Department.

 Looking up at the ceiling.

 Looking in from outside.
 And the Space Needle.

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