An Auction to Help Japan. (Want Books?)

I have a thousand things to say about the beautiful time I'm having in Germany; I have no time for blogging. For now, a link to an online auction to help Japan. You bid on fun stuff; if you win a bid, you pay the money to an approved charitable organization; you provide proof of your charitable contribution; you receive your fun item. More info about how the auction works can be found here and here. There's some super-fun stuff being offered! Care packages! I want to receive a care package!

Anyway. Here is a link to my own offer, which is for signed/personalized English-language copies of Graceling + Fire to the top four bidders (each winner gets both books). Want to donate money to Doctors Without Borders and get signed/personalized books from me? Probably with stickers of knights and fire-breathing chickens battling inside? Then go bid. I will mail books anywhere in the world.

Many thanks to Deborah for posting this offer on my behalf.

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