Singing My Way Across the Country

Here are some song lyrics a friend emailed me on the day my tour began:

I never wanted to be a star, I never wanted to travel far
I only wanted a little bit of love
So I could put a little love in my heart
I never wanted to be la-de-da, go to parties avec le bourgeois
I only wanted to sing my song well,
So I could ring a small bell in your heart.

- from "I Never Wanted" by Cat Stevens

I've been carrying that around in the copy of Fire I read from. I like being reminded of the little love and the small bells. :o)

All's going well! And I'm even getting to do some sightseeing. Monday I was in Denver; Tuesday, Seattle; Wednesday, Palo Alto; and today I fly to Austin. I have no idea what's going on in the news (Cordelia had to explain the David Letterman thing to me via text message) and my email is out of hand... but things are going well.

If you're going to be in the Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, or DC areas in the next few days, please check my Appearance Schedule, because I'm doing bookstore events in those places. (Jacksonville! That means I get to see the twins!)

Happy Thursday, all.


Debby said…
Ah, I wish I could make it down to Houston since I live in Texas, but it's a five hour drive from my campus! Good luck on your tour, though!
RobinPS said…
Wah. Why does Columbus, Ohio always get the shaft on cool author events?

Cat Stevens is the best. I love the Harold & Maude soundtrack. And the movie, too, for that matter.

Sending happiness your way. Fire is on my nightstand, ready to read! So exciting!
Artemis Grey said…
Great song! Glad to hear things are going well and that you're actually getting to see the sights! I'm still trying to get back into routine and I've been home from Sirens for almost a week!

I doubt I'll make it to DC. *sigh* No rest for the wicked and all that... :) Give the twins a kiss from me will you? Well, give them each two, I guess, since it's really a kiss from twins to twins. :D
Con Lombardo said…
I'll add my request: how about coming to Asheville, NC sometime? We have an amazing indie bookstore called Malaprops!
I wish I could go to one of the events. :c
Especially on November 10th.
That'd be an amazing birthday.

Oh well.
I'm still way jealous of the people who get to see you. c;
Artemis Grey said…
Oooh Glitter November 10 is my birthday too! :D Happy Birthday to you in advance!
Caroline said…
Have fun on the tour! I just got Fire, and its awesome! Congrats on another hit, just like Graceling. Maybe I'll come see you in DC (if my parents will drive me). Oh, and cool song!
AndrewsMommom said…
Glad you're getting to enjoy some of your touring in the off hours. You've hit some pretty interesting (and really far away from each other!) cities with some great food and music. Plus there's twins!

Hope the weather cooperates, your flights are on time without turbulence, and the people you meet wonderful, funny, and kind.
Unknown said…
Darn--I'm about to be in Seattle. Pity I missed you. Good luck on the rest of the tour! Come to Philly sometime.
Elaine said…
Oh no, I can't believe I missed you coming to the Bay Area! Finished Fire late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and it was great. Hope you're having a good tour and enjoyed your time in the area though!
Jen said…
Cat Stevens is now a Muslim called Samy Yusef. He's skillish. Good luck on your tour and have a great time.
I'm the O. Henry librarian you'll meet today. We're really looking forward to your visit to our school. We wish you could stay longer in Austin, but I hope you enjoy your time with our kids.
Sara Stevenson
O. Henry librarian
I'm the O. Henry librarian you'll meet today. We're really looking forward to your visit to our school. We wish you could stay longer in Austin, but I hope you enjoy your time with our kids.
Sara Stevenson
O. Henry librarian
Love the words. Adding Fire to my wish list. Have fun.
rebeccamallary said…
Glad you're having a good tour, Kristin! Looking forward to seeing you at Harvard in November hopefully! Thanks again for all the fun at Sirens!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for coming to Houston!
Halfway through Fire. LOVE IT. Just read the best two sentences:

"She couldn't help it; she needed him. His ears were soft."

Sab H. said…
It was so great to meet you!!!!! I can not begin to describe how awesome you are!! Thanks for coming to Houston! ;D

(I know you dont normally go to links but I did blog about the signing just in case you want to check it out. It's here )
Leslie said…
It was very awesome to meet you in Houston yesterday! Thanks again for waiting for me =) it was very sweet of you to do that! I'm starting Graceling like today :D soooo excited!
Maram A said…
Good Luck with your tour, I'm getting my copy of fire tomorrow. I loved graceling.
Check out this video on youtube it's so funny-more like different but amazing.
Giovanna_a adoring fan said…
I just bought Graceling testerday having read fantastic comments on your books. A few chapters back I was so plugged in and curious about how Fire connected too th story and (as a sequel lover) was sad but glad at least I won't have to wait to go to the book store to know what happens. However you have a great wat of making this suspenseful even close too the very end since i'm almost their. It's a very impressive workand it stands out without a fad holding i up like vampires, werewolves, or spies and such not that there bad but more overused than anything. I'm sorry if this isn't meant to be here but I just wanted you to know how much it's affected me. Now back to my book which I haven't let go even during typing.
Ashe said…
Ahh I just bought Fire today! I was late on the getting it when it comes out, because I hadn't been paid yet. But as soon as I was I went out and bought Fire! It's on the top of my TBR list!

Kristin you are an awesome writer! I hope the tour goes well!

-Ashley(Awriter), (PS, thanks for all your writing advise, its really helped me out a lot. I keep rereading the emails we've sent when I'm procrastinating in my editing!)
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi everyone -- thanks so much for your comments! As of last night, I'm in Florida -- Miami now, but I fly to Jacksonville (and the BABIES) tonight. There is nothing like the sun in Florida. It's glorious. And I feel like I'm in the homestretch of the tour. Your comments have fed me energy, so thanks :o)
Emily said…
Of all the luck! It's 10:06 on Wednesday, I randomly checked your blog, and found out you were in my city today at 4:30! I'm sorry I didn't come out to see you at Politics and Prose, but hope the event had good turnout despite the chilly weather.

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