Fill in the Blank, and a Promise

I don't _______________ enough anymore.

Fill in the blank. And here's a suggestion: whatever the thing is -- if it's possible -- make a plan to do it sometime soon.

My answer: I don't bake bread enough anymore, which makes me sad, because I love to bake bread from scratch, do all that kneading, and have the house smelling yummy all day. But I promise to try to make time for it sometime in the next few weeks.


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I don't dance enough anymore. I really miss that, I stopped taking classes two years ago and that was definitely a mistake. But after having run out of (stupid) excuses, I decided to start again and found myself a great class I'll start attending in december. Yay !

Oh, and I love baking bread too. Yum.
I don't write enough anymore. I find it's difficult for me to discover the happy medium between reading and writing. And since I have six books on the TBR shelf, not including the one I'm reading now, I don't know when I'm gonna start writing until I finish those.

And I'm getting my kindle soon.

I've never been too good at baking real bread. But I make good cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes... etc.
I don't play guitar anymore. I moved my clothes hamper yesterday and the guitar, all tucked up in its case, nearly hit the ground. And then I realized the little I had learned was probably all dried up in my brain and that after 4 months of no practice I need to practice basically every night if I want to prove my ability to the boys in the family at Thanksgiving gathering. (Our "clan" totals about 100 people these days, with the only musical entertainment being the boys around my age. Anything they can do, I can do too :)
Q said…
I don't sleep enough. And it's doing nothing to improve my outlook on life.
Sam said…
I don't dance enough anymore, either. I've done ballroom, folk, Latin, modern, clubbing... and now I don't seem to do any of it.

This is some a function of being too old (and having friends who are too old) to go out on weeknights or start our Friday night at 11 p.m., and some a function of being single, and some a function of having other things take up my time.

But I will find some way to dance in the next month.
A. Grey said…
I don't lay on the ground enough anymore. Time was that I'd lie for hours out in the woods, in my back yard, out in the field with the horses (nothing is quite so awesome as lying in the grass while a horse munches a little people-shaped spot around you).

I'm outside all the time, but I never lay on the ground anymore. The last time I was down there was because I fell out of a tree...

Oh, and Kristin, the bread one is GREAT. My best friend and I used to get a bottle of wine and just make bread and drink wine, and eat fresh bed with herby olive oil all day long! And the dancing is great too Charlotte. I can't dance worth a lick, but it's so much fun anyway. My last good dancing was at Sirens... :D
Gypsy Years said…
Knit! I was flying back to Vermont last night and saw people knitting and it made me miss it. I used to knit a lot and now I can't remember the last time I knitted something?! Plus, it would make great gifts for the holidays.
Faith said…
I don't take enough photos anymore. Remedying that today by heading off to either the beach or the park, or maybe both. :-)
Rebecca said…
I don't sing enough anymore. I used to take lessons, sing in a choir, etc. Now dance has taken over my spare time, which is awesome, but I miss singing.
MelissaKeaster said…
I don't sing enough anymore. I'm not talking about the lullabies and nursery songs I sing around the house everyday--I'm talking about REAL singing. I am an operatic lyric soprano, and it's been months since I've worked on an aria or sung the genre I'm best at for anyone (myself included). There was a time that I lived on the stage! It would be a shame to let that expensive college education to go to waste even if my priorities and interests have altered slightly. Today, I need to take out Non mi dir from Mozart's Don Giovanni or Je veux vivre from Romeo et Juliet or a lovely Puccini. Thanks for the reminder, Kristin! The wonderful privilege of Mommyhood sometimes overshadows older heart songs.
Becky said…
There are so many to choose from...
* Play the viola I spent 20 years studying.
* Sleep--having a 3-year-old squealing and jumping on his bed all night kind of prevents that.
* Write. I swear the fact that I haven't made the time for it in a month is contributing to my insanity.

I did make time to bake bread last week...a delicious honey wheat bread. I was even in a generous enough mood to share it with some friends!
Lassarina said…
I don't cook enough anymore.

I have reams of excuses: instead of living in a house with six others with whom I shared cooking and cleaning duties, I live alone; I'm terrible at eating leftovers so I don't like to waste the money to cook a "real" meal instead of a handful of pasta or a can of soup; etc. etc.

But it is fall now, and time for chili and stews and other things I can make and freeze, and I am going to start cooking again.
Debby said…
I don't play my violin enough anymore. I get so busy with school and writing, and everything seems like it's going a million miles a minute, and I haven't played it in months! But while things are moving quickly, things will hopefully get less stressful soon, and then I will have time to relax.
Rachel said…
I don't knit enough anymore either, or dance or play guitar or ride horses! Dancing and horseback riding are out of the question now, since I'm trying to finish school on a high note, but why buy expensive scarves when you can knit them? And when my aunt is done with her beginner books, I'm going to start to learn how to play classical guitar. And then hopefully get an actual guitar with nylon strings and be a musician again. <3
Shannon said…
I don't exercise enough anymore. I'm one of those people who feels out of sorts if I haven't raised the ol' heart rate in a while. I promise to do that this weekend. Even a good stretch session would probably do the trick, get the creaks out.

There are many things that, at this time last year, I would have said I did not do frequently enough, like read, write, laugh, spend time outside.... And now I do those things so often that I start to take them for granted. Life seems to be an exercise in constantly shifting focuses and priorities. As soon as I decide to do more of one thing, I inadvertently drop something else.
Alexa said…
I don't talk to people enough anymore.... I talk to my family. But really, that's it. I talk to people in my head, but sadly, (And also happily!) they can't hear me.

I'm here at your blog for the first time Kristin, and AHHH!!!! Bitterblue!!!! YES!!!!! okay, sorry! You have no idea how much I love your books though... I don't do the whole fan thing. At all! But you, have risen to my favorite authors of all time. You're 2nd. Who's holding the place above you? Gail Carson Levine. (she wrote my first love- Ella Enchanted.) The world she created for Ella was so amazing. And you've done the same with your world for your characters. Which, is why I think I adore your writing so much!

And, I have to tell you, I am reading Fire right now (As slow as I can! I read about 100 pages a hour minimum.) and I had to stop and go do some things and AHHHH!!! I stopped right at part 3 and oh. my. I need to know what happens so terribly bad!! But, I don't want to go and read it because then it will be over and gone and that'd be so sad. I hate it when I don't have a book that I just can't put down. Which, I usually don't.

But, I am THRILLED to know that you will not be changing "worlds" and you will instead stay in the lands of your current books. That makes me VERY happy. Oh, and please don't ever feel you are writing about the same thing over and over again. Even if you were, that' d be okay. I love your strong, powerful, female characters. Fire, Kasta , Hopefully BitterBlue, They're very similar (but different enough!) but I think it works for you. So please don't go writing about some unsure, weak, maybe even ugly, female.

Wow. This turned out to be really long. Sorry about that! This is my first time writing in to an author though. So, hooray! So, in conclusion.... I would like you to write well quickly, write about the same slightly different things, and just continue on with your awesomeness!! Thanks for sharing your words with the world.
Alexa said…
Oh.... And I read that you are in search of the perfect cat... What would that cat look like and act like? I love cats. Just interested to hear. I think they're the best writers companions ever! Except for when they take a bite out of your papers. Bad May! :)
mysteryflavour said…
I do not climb enough anymore! It occurred to me last night, as my back was aching from something or other, that the saddest part about not being a kid anymore was losing the reckless abandon with which one could use their body. I need to run and climb and move while I still can.
Gwyn Melrose said…
I dont FINISH MY ASSIGNMENTS on time enough is killer. Period.
AND I have to finish Le Morte D'Arthur and Mists of Avalon for a lit class before tuesday...
Trouble said…
I don't hang out with my college friends as much as I used to. A lot of them moved away, and I fell out of touch with others.
Do you bake your bread with regular yeast, or sourdough?
Mel said…
I definitely don't write enough fiction anymore. I spend too much time writing essays and other homework compared to my story. :(
But I can't start writing again soon because I have an essay due Monday, and another two that are "technically" due next Friday. ...*Panic*...
And THEN I have all my other homework. Blah. I can't wait till it's summer break again, or even better, I'm out of school....
RobinPS said…
I don't exercise enough anymore. I started training for a 1/2 marathon and then my husband got called up to serve in Afghanistan, so now I have two little ones at home and no way to get out and RUN!

I also, like some of the other parents here, don't sleep enough anymore. My children both end up in my bed every night, and they are like sleeping with two small, burrowing creatures.
Rachel said…
I don't breathe enough anymore. Not the shallow instinctual breaths but a deep breath. One drawn from deep inside that says, I am stressed but I need to relax because getting wound up will help nothing. Brain, shut up with the worrying, and smell the flowers.
my two answers:

I don't comment enough any more.
but im doing that now, and its because college prep schools give 15 billion pounds of homework each night.
i don't eat any more.
that's because i got my braces 2 days ago, so any one who has had braces understands my pain. i now look like ugly betty.
tinkandalissa said…
I dont RELAX enough anymore. There is always some little crisis going on! Whether it's mine, or a friend's or another loved one's. It seems like it's always something. So, I'd love to just relax. I miss our old cabin that was 1mi up a mountain and was surrounded by trees and nature. I could go out and chill in the hammock and listen to the wind rustle the leaves while I'd read. Sometimes I'd bring my kitty with me to snuggle. That was the best.
I think I'd need a few weeks off in a row to be able to get the kind of relaxation my body craves right now! Unfortunately, that won't be happening anytime soon. Poo.
In the meantime, reading in my big, squishy bed while my husband watches TV really loudly will have to suffice :)
Almost done w/Fire and I'm not ready for it to be over. Love it! You really are quite supurb, Miss Kristin!
Rebekah said…
Cook, write, think, read, study, etc.

All of my time is taken up by school and trying to forget about school. Oh, were that I could graduate early - but alas.
K. L. Howard said…
I don't sing and play guitar enough anymore. I usually do it at home when I feel like I'm all alone even though the whole family can hear me. It's about the same at college, but I'm in such a tight quarters with a roommate that I feel more self-conscious about it. I'm trying to stay musical with a class, though. But I still miss the personal adventure into music-making.
MEL said…
I don't pray enough anymore.
Anonymous said…
I don't do yoga, play soccer, read or make green juice enough anymore. When summer is gone, these things seem to disappear too. I am definitely in the mood for all four and am planning on remedying what I have been so earnestly lacking ;) Thanks for the inspiration Kristin!! Bread sounds amazing too..
kristin cashore said…
MEL, you remind me that I don't meditate as much as I'd like to these days.

Maybe I'll make time for that tonight.

I'm loving the responses -- thanks, everyone -- what cool readers I have!
Anonymous said…
From libby in s. florida
Dear Kristin
I was thrilled to get FIRE. I've just finished it and it is wonderful! I forced myself to stop reading last night when I got to the big gala party scene. I wanted to savor that and what followed, so I waited until today.
It is a thoroughly satisfying read. Many thanks.
I look forward to all your coming books.
Kimmie said…
I don't read for pleasure enough anymore. I have books to read and ones I want to re-read *cough* Graceling *cough* but school and homework is taking over my life. So I promise to try and finish my homework sooner so I might be able to read before bed for at least 30 minutes a night like I used too.
Glitter said…
I don't write enough anymore. I used to write all the time. At least a poem a week, and now, I write maybe one poem at month.
I don't wander around the neighborhood in my underwear and have to be brought home by the police enough anymore. Okay, so that's probably a good thing. Before you start to slowly inch back from the screen (and subconciously me :P), let me say that I haven't done that activity since I was 2ish.

Seriously, I don't dance, knit, play my violin, write, sing, meditate, exercise enough anymore. What do I do? Work. 50 billion 12-14 hr shifts in a row.

I have a plan of action, though, that will hopefully make time for all those grounding/sanity restoring activities. I'm quitting my jobs and sequestering myself in a cabin in the woods.

Alright, alright, you don't need to flip into panic mode wondering how this crazy person is going to avoid becoming another drain on society. I'm not quitting, and sadly not running away, yet.

I have jump started a couple of projects that I hope will lead to some form of monetary return. I'd like to be able to scale down the hours worked outside of my house asap. I have also started teaching my neices how to play the violin and thereby forcing myself to play again as well. So far so good!

Thanks for your posts, Kristin! They always help me stay focused on things I need to be doing. Good luck with Bitterblue and thanks for reading my rambles.
Rebeca said…
I' dont read enough anymore. I love books and I find myself listen more music a reading less and less. I love music but I love more a good book. Besos. Chaito.
wjst1look said…
I don't dance enough anymore.

Which depresses me. Since I moved from Chicago to a small town in the state of Washington is not the same anymore, I'm sad more often and I really miss the company and my lessons, but I'm thinking of moving to Seattle soon and get on with it, because where I live there's no places to go dance to. Well hope my circumstances change.

Love ya!
asides said…
It used to be I don't ride horses anymore, but as of this month I have had 4 lessons and have one scheduled for every saturday now.
kmblack said…
I don't do my plotting while walking the beach anymore. Boo.

Now that I have real contracts and real book deadlines I thought it might be time to stay at the home office and just do. BUT . . . I miss the beach and the spontaneity that it brought to my books.

I hereby swear, if it's not really freezing this weekend, I will walk and plot.

Love your books, btw:]

Kat Black
The Book of Tormod Series:
A Templar's Apprentice
kelvwriter said…
I don't write, sit and just "be", or play piano anymore. The characters in my head don't scream for attention as loudly anymore, but they are still there, impatiently waiting to be written down. I need to seriously find time in my chaotic schedule for writing. I find that if I don't combine all three listed above, that I'm grumpy, exhausted, and just not fun to be around.

I love making bread from scratch, I did that every week when my daughters were little...maybe I'll do that this weekend inbetween grading papers and laundry.

Kristen, thank you for the reminder today, I really needed someone to remind me to slow down and enjoy life more than I have been lately.
Lauren said…
I don't cry enough anymore.
Perhaps because I feel very content these days. Still, there is nothing like a good cry sometimes...

On another note, I am reading Fire. Simply fascinating! Thank you, Kristin, for writing such strong and interesting female characters.
Jenna said…
I don't read enough anymore. I used to devour books and it made me really good at my job, not to mention the pleasure of all the great books I found. About 2.5 years ago I had a major life change at home and then 1.5 years ago a change at work that made my work life much more busy (and happy) and the result is that I just don't read for pleasure quite as much. (Don't think I don't read - I still manage to do it a whole lot!) I just feel like I'm missing out on titles I no longer have time for. And I feel like sometimes I'm not doing as good at my job since I don't have the firsthand knowledge of as many books.

Is this something to do more of though? Or should I just accept that my life is different now and what I'm doing now is good enough?
animexfreak728 said…
I dont read as much anymore. =[
I used to read all the time. Like, pick up a book and finish it that day. Im completely ashamed that I haven't read Fire yet. I've been waiting all this time for it but school has kept me completely busy.


I also don't read your blog as much anymore. I dont get on the computer much. =[ Your blog is always filled with interesting comments and new information. *sigh* Im sorry.
Sam said…
I don't give myself enough credit anymore.
Jennifer said…
I don't spend time by myself with nature anymore. I used to love to just go and lay down in the grass and look up at the clouds or think or something, but lately I've just been so busy and the only joy or free time I've had for myself is reading and that's only because I can port a book anywhere and read in between things.
Gricel said…
I don't paint enough anymore. School, work, and writing projects claim so much of my time, I feel I've let part of my creative energies go.

I will have to do something about this.
Sophie said…
I don't swim enough anymore. I used to swim lots. Now I don't. There you go.
Lilly Doyle said…
have read both of your books and lived them with great pleasure. Love is never wasted nor is it perfect.It is such a wonder to find writing that conveys so much in so little time. Thank you very much. I hope that you share in the joy of your stories as much as we do.Live long and prosper, young one. The world needs your kind of magic stories.
Congrats and blessings,
Lilly Doyle
Just wanted to say congrats for getting voted in the top 10 teen books for 2009:
Faith said…
I don't write stories enough anymore. I used to try a hand in trying to write stories on my own, but have gotten completely into roleplaying instead. I find this much more fun, but I really need to try writing an actual story on my own. *nods*

mmmm. bread.....

And this has nothing to do with this particular bloggish comment, but I am really liking you so far xD I saw your books in the bookstore yesterday while birthday-present shopping for a friend, and ended up buying Graceling for her. I was soooo upset I didn't have enough money to buy one for me to, so now I've begged my grandma to get it for me for my birthday (which just happens to be tomorrow). Anyway so I looked you up out of curiosity and found this, and read your bio and writing process, and I've decided I really really have to read your books! In your writing proccess thingy, "When I go for walks in the neighborhood I carry a pen and post-its and can often be seen exclaiming in triumph or scowling or laughing maniacally." was when I started laughing and said out loud to myself, "I really like this woman." ^_^ You have another fan.

From a fourteen-in-one-day-year-old writer/roleplayer who literally -just- got a $30 Barnes and Noble gift card from her dad's friend like 3 seconds ago, while she was in the middle of writing this, and is spazzing out and planning to go to the bookstore and buy Graceling and Fire at the nearest opportunity.
Ian said…
I don't know whether you'll ever actually get a chance to read this (because of course we all have lots more to do than sit around in front of the internet, haha), but I wanted to drop by to let you know how very, very much I appreciate GRACELING. Thank you for your story; thank you for Katsa and Po, both of whom are unforgettable. Their strength, and depth, humanity and love, are inspiring. As are you. ~ IAN
kristin cashore said…
Thank you so much, everybody, for the continued comments. I do read every one, even if I can't respond to every one!
Anonymous said…
i dont dream enough anymore, i dont have conversations with my favourite non-existent people, i dont let my mind wander, i dont sit still, and just think. at the same time, i dont talk to people enough. so i dont really know what happens in my head
please dont think im crazy but to all you stressed out people take a day off. dont say you cant, ive heard that one before, and trust me you can. if you take one day off to unwind and do whatever you miss doing, and get some rest, the wourld will smile at you again
Anonymous said…
Sorry this comment has nothing to do with your post...I just finished Fire and I absolutely loved it. It was so beautifully written and was suspenseful to the end. I read Graceling several days prior and I never wanted it to end. Thank you very much for such wonderful stories. They were a delight and kept me up into the wee hours of the morning because I just had to know what happened next. I look forward to your next book.

Lilith said…
I don't read enough anymore. BUT i just finished Fire.

Might i add that I adored it? Thank you so much for being an author and writing the books you do.

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