I'm going to share one of my all-time favorite passages from Pride and Prejudice. Some context: Lizzy is excited about her upcoming tour of the Lakes with her aunt and uncle, but wishes her sister Jane could come along.

"But it is fortunate,” thought she, “that I have something to wish for. Were the whole arrangement complete, my disappointment would be certain. But here, by carrying with me one ceaseless source of regret in my sister’s absence, I may reasonably hope to have all my expectations of pleasure realized. A scheme of which every part promises delight, can never be successful; and general disappointment is only warded off by the defense of some little peculiar vexation."

I think about that passage whenever my perfect peace is ruined by "little peculiar vexations." The vexations help me keep perspective, yanno? I just moved into a new home. I LOVE IT. But it's not perfect, and right now, the little vexation that annoys me and kicks me into realizing how much I love everything *else* about my home is that my front room looks out onto a noisy street; in summer, with the windows open, my front room is not quiet.

Do you have a little peculiar vexation? Does it ward off disappointment? Or is it merely vexatious? :o)

Anyway. Before I go, here's something that'll take away all your vexations for 3 minutes, guaranteed. Well, maybe that's not fair. I'll just say this: it took away mine. (Thanks, Ranting Nerd, for the link!)

Happy Monday, all.


Loredan Avery said…
I can absolutely relate to your post. I have this really awesome room that I write in, and I can freely chuck my stuff around EVERYWHERE, disregarding everyone.

But, it's right next to the kitchen, and dining room, and whenever my in-laws come over I know my mom-in-law is trying to sneak a peek to see what I'm up to. Then I end up cleaning my office before they come so she can look all she wants because it's just books and lots of pens.

Which would DEFEAT the purpose of having my own office, with a door, and a lock. Argh!!

Thanks for the link. It is so cool. I love it when the ordinary becomes extraordinary!!!

Mel said…
What trivial thing vexes me? said you can hear the noise from the street when your windows are open. I can hear the noise from my neighbor's house (namely, their pool in the summertime), from my bedroom, when my window isn't even open.

By the way, nice video :)
It made me laugh.
tinkandalissa said…
Hmm. Seems the general theme of vexations would be noise. Mine is the same: when my husband insists on watching tv while I am trying to read OR write. I need quiet, or I cant concentrate! Also, my Nana's chihuahuas - they bark at EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. Ugh! Great video. In SYTYCD news, I was also sad about Ade. Evan's sweet and all, but - awww Ade! I am rooting for Jeanine and Brandon all the way. I'd be okay with Kayla too though. :) Did you see the group dance the other week w/Wade? The zombie dance? AWESOME!
THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO VEXATIONS ABOUT THAT VIDEO!!!!! well except that people kept talking to me during it. :-P.
Artemis Grey said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Artemis Grey said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Artemis Grey said…
Last comment, I promise. SPANKINGLY awsome video! Totally made me smile. :)
Artemis Grey said…
Alright, let me say, current vexations would include: my own inability to spellcheck my comment, and then subsequently screwing up the second comment referring to the first comment, and then having to delete both because they vexed me so much.

And I just wrote won, instead of own, and rwote instead of wrote. *suigh* Oh hell, I'm not even fixing that last one!
Constance Lombardo said…
Ha! I was reading your post just as my very-closely-next-door neighbor is riding her mower noisily around her lawn. Yes, noise when you want to write (and my kid and husband are at the pool for the afternoon so I can supposedly have a bit of quiet) is vexing! Very vexing!
Meredith said…
My roommate, who in all other ways is pretty darn awesome, has the annoying habit of asking me lots of questions while we're watching something. How many times do I have to say "WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!"?
Kristin Cashore said…
Reading the comments so far, I am moved to recommend EAR PLUGS. I have ear plugs in every room, and every bag. I use them all the time (not just when trying to write through noise, but on noisy airplanes, etc.), and they have changed my life! I tend to use Hearos but there are lots of other kinds. Once you learn how to use them and gain confidence that you're not going to poke your eardrums out, they're quite comfortable (though I admit that some people just can't stand them).

Sorry for sounding like an advertisement. But I'm telling you. EAR PLUGS!
CLM said…
I recommend Kate Fenton's book Lions & Liquorice, published in the US as Vanity and Vexation (how I hate it when publishers do this, and I always fought hard against it when I worked for a publisher, although often lost). It is a sort of modern version of P&P but far superior to anything else I have seen/read.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the link! I was totally amazed by it (yes, I sang along). Made my Tuesday morning.
Kristen said…
was fortunate to get ahold of an advanced reader copy of Fire at Comic Con. Just finished it.

Yum. I liked it even better than Graceling. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
The Bobby McFerrin video is awesome! What truly clinches it is his comment that this "works" no matter where he is in the world. He is an amazing person. Thanks for sharing it. Libby (s. FL)
kristan, ear plugs are also useful in protecting your hearing while drumming so that way you wont go deaf by 30. just saying. im 14 years old and have trouble hearing people sometimes. and i play drums without ear plugs.
Kim A said…
Bobby McFerrin is so brilliant it hurts. If you ever get a chance to see him in concert, sell your firstborn child and go see him.

(Okay, maybe not your firstborn child. And I don't mean to imply it will be horribly expensive. Just worth giving up something (dinner with the inlaws?) to go see.

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