Still Not Quite Moved In

I'm taking a moment away from the boxy madness to point out the profile Publishers Weekly did of Fire this week. The online version is here. The focus of the piece is something that's close to my heart -- the wonderful way that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Graceling's publisher) and Penguin (Fire's publisher) are working together to promote both books.

The article explains why I've got two different publishers. I love both of my publishers, and I must say that I consider myself to be a very, very lucky author.

And now, I return to the boxy pandemonium.


Artemis Grey said…
Oh how amazingly sweet! You've managed to inspire two publishers into working in unity! Maybe world peace is hiding in the wings! *daydreamy sigh* I must say, I hope that I'm eventually just half as successful, I'd be happy with that. :)

Good luck with your boxy pandemonium. You just let that cardboard jungle know whose in charge! You've built worlds we've all fallen in love with, after all, mastering a cardboard jungle ought to be peaches!
Sarah Miller said…
Amazing. (And now I can stop trying to find a polite way to say, What's up with that whole publisher-switch thing?)
tinkandalissa said…
Congrats on the PW article love! You are one lucky author. Just the thought of having to do the book tours and speakings makes my insides feel all icky.
Christi said…
Wow, that's a great article and a fascinating view on the publishing world and how companies can work together. Thanks for linking to it!

Good luck with the unpacking, too!
as long as you r completely unpacked soon, u wont end up being screwy. like me. we've lived in this house for 5 years and we still have boxes that have not been unpacked. hence, why i am a complete lunatic.
Anonymous said…
Congratulation on the article!

I just wanted to stop by and "fangirl" for a moment. :) I just recently read Graceling and am so happy that Fire will be out soon!

Good luck with the unpacking!

Katie, a new and loyal fan. :)
Unknown said…
I'm with Katie, haha I'm yours! Graceling was fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on Fire and Bitterblue! :D

Glad to hear that people in the pub business do care enough about good books to work together rather than just drop them completely. Congrats on the article. And good luck with your boxes!
KT Howard said…
Congrats on being the person making two competitors work together! I suppose some props have to go to the people in the companies themselves for being decent enough to settle things peacefully -- but it's your item they're working together on. Good for you~!

Good luck moving in. You can have some fun by donning exploration clothes and pretending to venture through mountains of boxes. But that's just a suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Such a wonderful article--it's only what you deserve. But my favorite part was the picture of you. You look gorgeous (sigh of envy).

Good luck finding the bottoms of those boxes...


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