A Short Post. Sort of.

Graceling is a finalist for the 2009 SIBA Book Awards in the YA category, along with Sarah Dessen's Lock & Key and Trenton Lee Stewart's The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. It is so nice to be honored by people you admire (indie booksellers!). Thank you so much to the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance! Go indies!

Speaking of the South, I would like to state for the record that Florida is the only place I've ever lived where I've needed to use sunglasses, a sun visor, a raincoat, rain boots, sunscreen (for the small portion of leg not covered by coat and boots), and a golf umbrella simultaneously. The river is high and the gutters have given up. Is it ever going to stop raining here in north Florida?

In other news, I promised a short post today, but is it cheating if I link you to a long interview? Follow that link to read my Summer Blog Blast Tour interview at Hip Writer Mama and/or to enter a giveaway of ten copies of Graceling. The deadline for the giveaway is Monday, June 1. Check it out -- Vivian asks fun questions, like, "If you found a way to go back to your teen years as one of your characters, who would it be and why?"

Thanks, Vivian, for getting me thinking about how I'd like to be one of Po's brothers. :o)

I'm a bit all over the place these days, what with BEA prep. If you've asked a question on my blog recently, I've added it to my list. And now I'm going to retreat and be overwhelmed in private.

Happy Monday, all!


cool im first!!!!
i leave for d.c. today, and its supposed to rain all week there. so dont feel too bad, kristan. we shall suffer together.
and for my answer to the question: i am a teen, but if i could relive my life i would be maximum ride, cause who wouldn't (besides them) want wings?!?!?!?!?! or id be one of my one made-up characters who can control fire and to learn more, look me up (same username) at fanfiction.com.
Antonio Ese Gé said…
Hi! I'm the guy from Madrid, Spain, yeah, again.

So, what is happening to you!? Maybe it's because I don't know your likes or dislikes when you talk about weather, but I COMPLETELY LOVE RAIN! Here, along all the week, it was so hot and I hate that: I hate sun, and the heat and the beach, and the pool, well, you understand now. I continue, it was so hot along all the week, but when the weekend came...A STORMY NIGHT BEGAN ON SATURDAY! And that's what I call happiness. It was so beautiful to see the stormlights in the walls of my room :o). Have I said that I hate summer? Ok, then.

And with regard to the interview that you had in that blog, it was so much fun to read! My favourite answer is this: Um… the biggest surprise is my writing career! I still can’t quite believe I have one!

I hope I could say that one day, but first...I have to finish my novel! *goes to write longhand - yes, he writes longhand too, and he's lefthanded :o)-*.

Write us that wonderful posts soon and greetings from Spain!

PS: What a LONG comment. I saw the interview for Juvenil Romántica, an Spanish blog! Thank you for talk to Spanish blogs too. I'm going to recommend you some Spanish books, that sure that are translated to the English, from one of my favourite authors, Laura Gallego, a girl:

- The Legend Of The Wandering King, published by Scholastic Inc.
- The Valley of The Wolves, published by Scholastic Inc. (This is the first part of a saga, but in English you just can get this one, they didn't continue translating them, I don't know the reason.

And from Carlos Ruiz Zafón, a boy:

- The Shadow of The Wind, which I don't the house. This is more for adults, but I already read it.

Well, bye!
Melina said…
Quick Question.

(If it gives away spoilers from Fire, well then you don't have to answer it, but I hope you do when Fire comes out.)

In Graceling, do they know what is to the east of the 7 kingdoms or have they never ventured out and explored?
Anonymous said…
GRACELING deserves whatever awards and praise it's given. It's complicated and clear, accessible and subtle, layered and with clear plot and character arcs. Plus Po is my new imaginary boyfriend.

Dorothy Winsor
Sasha said…
I just found your blog after finishing (and loving) Graceling, and I've been reading through your old posts. Thanks so much for the link to the interview, and all of your posts about your process of writing and revising. I love writing but always struggle with revising, and it's really reassuring to read about your revision process. Even though I know it's not true, I always feel like everyone else starts out with a nice shiny product that only needs a little polishing, while my first drafts are hopeless dreck.

Anyway, I love your blog! I'm looking forward to reading Fire (which comes out on my birthday!)
Jenna said…
Congrats on Graceling being a finalist in SIBA's awards. That's both very exciting and well deserved.

As for the weather... if it makes you feel any better I'd take the rain over snow any day. May in Manitoba has been jumping around in a mean combination of gorgeous days mixed with blustery snow, sleet & rain... I'm still waiting for spring to appear.

And yes, it's still a short post even though you linked to a long interview... which I'll come back to read when I have a spare moment.

Don't be too overwhelmed. Be sure to take a moment for yourself! :)
Artemis Grey said…
Florida isn't the only one floating off into the ocean. Virginia's getting quite a dose of water too. I love rainy days. They're great for curling up with a book or writing...

Problem is, I work on a horse farm, so there aren't any cozy fires and warm couches for me. Instead, rain means slopping through mud that could suck the spots off a Dalmation, leading wet horses that view you as a vertical towel, and driving tracters that loose traction (so much for the name) and bury themselves to the axel in earth that a month ago was hard enough to crack a cannon ball, leaving you to swim back to the barn for reinforcements...

But at least I can say life hasn't been boring... :D Congrats on Graceling being a finalist for the SIBA Awards! And happy Tuesday to you!
tinkandalissa said…
Rain, rain, rain. That's what we've been getting in the mountains of NC as well! Looks like the rest of the week we are expecting more! Cant wait. I do love rain, but I have my limits, (especially when all the dogs like to track the mud in on the carpet). The only days that have been perfect for gardening are the days that I am stuck indoors working. So, my poor little flowers may never get in the ground! And the weeds are taking over. Ugh. I am on my way to Charleston this weekend for a wedding and some beach fun. Lets hope the rain goes away for that. Of course, that means that I will need some 70 sun block for my pastey white ass. I love that you would be one of Po's brothers if you had your choice! I have recruited another person to read Graceling. Yay!
Congrats on the nomination...
Vivian Mahoney said…
Congrats, Kristin! Thank you so much for answering these questions--you have inspired a number of people. You totally rock.
Artemis Grey said…
Finally just finished reading your interview. Loved it.

Do you ever get used to talking to people in that fashion? Answering questions and such?

Must say, my favorite answer was which part of a book you liked writing the best. Those close to me have learned to recognize the symptoms of maddness resulting from the approach of a book ending. If they decide they just can't do without speaking to me, they get my attention by yelling - loudly. Usually something along the lines of "The horses are loose and running down Route 15!!!" Otherwise, I don't notice...
Jess said…
I loved Florida when I was there, but it was winter, so I think I got lucky. :) I live in CA, and it's about 73 degrees here for the next three days. I think it has spoiled me for life, there's no way I can move somewhere that actually gets weather after this!
Kristin Cashore said…
Just wanted to say hi to everyone as I pack for BEA. Antonio, I have that Zafón book on my bedside table, because I *do* know the house -- it's my own publisher in the UK, Orion! I haven't read it yet, but your recommendation has just bumped it higher on my list. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments, and hope the weather is performing to your liking :o)
Kelly H-Y said…
Congrats on 'Graceling' ... awesome!!
Charly said…
Seeing as how everyone's speaking of rain... There's supposed to be nice sunny weather where I live for the next week and I LOVE IT. After such a long period of gray skies (regular PNW weather), the summer is coming up! Hooray!

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