On Originality; On Freaking Out; and On the Universe

I guest-posted at Magical Musings on the topic of originality a few days ago. For my post today, I'm referring you to what I wrote over there.

In case that bores you, this weekend's This American Life explained the banking crisis in a simple and understandable way that was funny, kind, and only slightly COMPLETELY FRAKKING TERRIFYING. It's here if you're interested. I'm pretty sure their link to listen to the whole episode free online will be up by the time this posts, but if not, check back with them. They always put it up soon after the weekend ends.

And in case that frightens you, remember that there's no point freaking out about things we can't control, recall that the sun will explode in five billion years anyway, and comfort yourself with last Friday's gorgeous Astronomy Picture of the Day. Earthshine is one of my favorite sights -- but I never knew what to call it until I saw this photo!

Happy Monday, everyone :o)


Pam said…
fabulous: "We learn how to be by imitating others; and the more we practice, the closer we get to answering the big question: what does it mean for me to be myself?"
tinkandalissa said…
I love the earthshine photo! The solar system is so spectacular! I read your other guest post and think it is great advice. Now...if I can only follow it. It's happened to me a few times so far with the book I am working on now. Certain situations, or descriptions, etc. It is extremely frustrating and disconcerting. I try really hard to ignore it and keep plugging through. But you are absolutely right. The whole reason I began writing this story was to have a story that is mine and to make it happen how I want it to happen. I have so many favorite novels, but sometimes I am left feeling like, "Hmm. I sure wish this or this had happened."
And on freaking out...isnt the world supposedly going to end in 2012? I thought someone somewhere told me that all the ancient calendars and everything end there. So, hey, only a few more years to worry about!
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed your blog post on originality. And congratulations on the nomination for the Andre Norton award -- GRACELING deserves it!
Angie Frazier said…
Your originality post was great, thank you. And the earthshine pic...wow. Earthshine is such a cool word, too :-)
NoGrandmother said…
Just to sound like a creepy stalker person:

Every time I see that photo of you, I jump and think, "GAH! What is a photo of me doing there?"

Then I realize that the hair color is all wrong, and oh right, it's you.

(Dingo says I'm crazy and it hardly looks like me at all. So I guess the photo looks like what I think I look like. Or he needs new glasses. Or something.)
Little Willow said…
Psst . . . Graceling is one of the recommended reads in this month's issue of readergirlz!


http://www.readergirlz.com/issue200903.html (Permalink)

You have an open invitation to the discussion forum, should you want to come say hello and see what readers are saying! :)
originality. from the word origin. originally spelled origen. and was a name.

o, how i love the history of words!

"are we human?"-human by the killers
Anonymous said…
I love that the sun is going to explode in a few billion years. It means the only thing that matters is the life you live now, because someday not even your dust will remain.

Life being brief makes it precious.
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi everybody!

And thanks Malinda Lo -- I'm thrilled :o)

Owlet, that cracks me up. Now I need to see one of you so I have the same experience!

Little Willow, I told my editor that I'm going to enjoy this moment, because I'm not likely to be on a list with Thoreau and Mary Shelley ever again! :o) Thanks to you, too :o)
Caoimhe Aster said…
To Tinkandalissa -
Yes, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world ends in 2012. This is only because the Mayans were completely obsessed with time, and made several rather intimidatingly accurate calendars. The rumor that the world is going to end at that time was started because the Mayan calendar - their main one - ends in that year. I personally believe that the Mayans simply got tired of doing all that calculation work in order to make a perfect calendar thus far in the future, and stopped at the convenient year of 2012. However, I would not personally mind all that much if the world decided to implode or otherwise undergo a drastic destruction at that time; it would seem a rather amusing end.
And another thing, the Aztec calendar foretold that the world was going to end at midnight exactly sometime this past six months - I forget the precise day, sorry - and I certainly stayed up until that time that night, and was completely disappointed when nothing of particular excitement happened. Which could be why I am so skeptic of the termination of the world according to the Mayan calendar. If the Aztecs weren't right, who's to say the Mayans are?

Just my thoughts on the subject. :)

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