It's the Holiday Season. Whoop-De-F***ing-Do.

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. On Thanksgiving I like to reminisce about the Thanksgiving some 10 years ago when my vegetarian sister, secret code name: Cordelia, came to Thanksgiving dinner dressed up as a turkey. (In protest.) (As I recall, her gobbler kept getting in the way of her dinner.)

I do not love Thanksgiving. Really, I don't love the holiday season in general (in case my title didn't get that across). Something about it always makes me sad. What about you? Do you celebrate any holidays? Do you like this time of year?

Let's see. It's not all doom and gloom around here... Grup 62 has picked up the Catalan rights for Graceling. Also, Graceling is newly in bookstores in Australia and New Zealand and -- yay -- I've started to get mail from readers who live in the Land Down Under. I spent one of the best years of my life in Australia (studying at Sydney Uni). Australia rocks my socks (which at the moment are purple-blue-pink-yellow-orange striped toe socks). I hope to find time to post soon about why I love Australia. :o)

Coming on Monday: A few more FAQs.


there is this one radio station that starts playing holiday music on nov. 1!!!!! so ive been resisting the urge to listen to it. but last week some friends of mine started playing christmas music during class. im sad to say, ihave been listening to holiday music since. but its also beenin snowing. so i have my reasons. please tell me you have had better luck resisting the terrible music of christmas.
oh and id perfer my holidays with less family time. everyyear my moms very very very italian family gets to gether for a 4 hour dinner. it is sooooooooooooo fun!!! NOT!
Anonymous said…
I just want to say how amazingly cool it is that your book is being published in Catalan!!!
redpop said…
agreed. holidays are overrated.
Anonymous said…
Ugh. I am so there with you. Although since I decided to just say "I am not doing this" to TG and Xmas, it is much more enjoyable. Now I just focus on spending some quality time with people I love and don't fret about gifts or food or who I *should* be seeing or what I *should* be doing. I just treat is as a vacation day and enjoy.

Hope you get to enjoy a little too. (And congrats on your fabulous book!)

Teri Hall
Annie said…
I read your book recently and I just wanted to say that it is one of my favorite books! Love the blog =)

Annie (not my real name)
Kristin im not a holiday fan either. Don't get me wrong i love opening presents(who doesnt?) on christmas and eating on thanksgiving but I think the media has turned them and other holidays into a thing where its all about buying crap, ALOT OF CRAP. And don't get me on christmas music.. I HATE christmas music. It makes me sick to my stumach. Lol. I think the media drags christmas out for way to long! I think holidays should be about spending time with family(mine includes both my parents, brother, grandma, and sometimes aunt&uncle) and friends. I dont consider the rest of my relatives family so yeah.... Oh and Kristin, why dont you like the holiday season? Everyone I think has a reason for not liking or liking them. Mine is the media as im sure you got that ^_^ I tried to keep my rant on it short but it looks like I didnt do a very good job.
Anonymous said…
I'm reading your blog on Thanksgiving...from work..'nuff said...though at least no one else is here. That's the good part about holidays, if you get away from the hustle and bustle, some places are quieter and more enjoyable then normal.
Stacey said…
YEAY about the book expanding in publication and for the FAQ's.

I totally get what you mean about the holidays. They have totaly changed in meaning over the years and i'm having issues with changing tradition and stuff. but hey, i got my first Christmas tree the other day, its a 3 foot artificial one that i'm going to mostly decorate blue and silver and then put some of my ornaments on there from when i lived with my parents! so i suppose i'm on to making my own new traditions!
Anonymous said…
I love the holidays! They generally mean good food and a break from school and getting to spend time with friends and family.

I don't celebrate Christmas (being Jewish and all), but when Christmas lights get set up everywhere, the world seems magical at night.

Although it is ridiculous how far some people take it. I've already seen a few houses with Christmas decorations and thought "my goodness, it's not even Thanksgiving yet." That was before today, of course. :P

My favorite holidays are Passover and Halloween though, not the winter holidays.

I'm looking forward to the FAQs.

Socks for the win!
Anonymous said…
yes, i understand what you mean about the holidays. its definitely a little overrated. but i just wanted to let you know, i really love your book and cannot wait for the prequel :)
cindy said…
i do enjoy it. but it can be stressful. we usually travel to england for the holidays--so i get to wander about my favorite city, london! we'll be headed there this year.

also, loved graceling! just finished it the other day. what a wonderful world and characters you've created, kristin.
Kristin Cashore said…
HA HA! It's nice to know I'm not the only one with the holiday grumps. I was determined not to buy anything today (it being Black Friday), but I realized I needed some food, so I went to the grocery store. Christmas carols!! Sigh...

Oh, and thanks and hi to new Graceling readers!!! :o)

Charly, you must be like my sister (secret code name: Cordelia), who also loves the holidays. She even owns and proudly wears 12 months of holiday socks. Actually, she owns them because I bought them for her as a thank you for all of her help with Graceling.

I always think that if I were Jewish (or Muslim or Buddhist or etc.), I'd be even more resentful of the Christmas season than I already am. I'm glad you can enjoy the lights. And I have to admit, I do love the lights too.
Annie said…
I'm Jewish, and yes, I am very resentful of the Christmas season. But I just go with the flow and say, "Oh, well, here they go again..."
btiw thanku thanku thanku thanku! now i know i am not alone, even though im a wimp. a wimpy wimp. extra freakin cheese dip wimp wimp. btw thnksgiving is smaller (thank u freakin god) and kc i am sick of lights, then again my dad paid me to help decorate the hotels. not enough if u ask me. (28 smakaroons for 4 hours of work) oh and i have about ten billion q's for u about this book im writing but ill cover that later.
Anonymous said…
Holidays make me want to do like a bear and hybernate. Once I found out my parents were liars and Santa wasn't real about errrr 2 years ago, I was done with it ALL.
OH well, I guess I should enjoy all the good free food everyone else cooks? Maybe.
I'm just going to re-read Graceling that will make it all better (;
Anonymous said…
25 years ago, not 2, about the Santa business (;
Anonymous said…
That sock set is fantastic.

I used to dislike Christmas for a number of reasons, But I've changed my mind since and discovered that it's not worth getting upset over. I've decided to just accept it for what it is and enjoy it in my own way.

A lot of Christmas music was actually written by Jews. :PP
I get really into the holidays and then always get really underwhelmed in the aftermath.

This year will be especially trying since I'm working retail. At least I sell books!
Kristin Cashore said…
Sonya Lou Who -- okay, that seriously cracked me up. I was sitting there trying to do some mental math to figure out how old (or rather, how young) you must be... the youngest readers I've gotten email from are 11, so maybe you could be 11, but that would mean you believed in Santa Claus all the way until you were 9 -- ?? So anyway, thanks for the edit. :o)
Unknown said…
In Catalan, huh? I lived in Eastern Spain for a couple of years and picked it up a little. Maybe when I'm done with the English version I'll pick it up to help get the language down again.
Leah said…
Hi Kristin,

I just finished Graceling and loved it so much I decided to look you up.

There is so much wisdom in the story, about people and how difficult and complicated and wonderful they are. About relationships.

The love between Katsa and Po is inspiring, and tender, and makes my stomach feel squishy and delicious like the middle of a loaf of bread that never got completely baked.

I just wanted to say thank you!

Anonymous said…
Hi, i know this has nothing to do with your lates blog, but i read your book and loved it! and my best friend loved it too! and i keep passing it along. I was just wondering...if you would ever want to make it into a movie? i know movies adaptations are never as good as the book, but its always fun to see books on screen, even if they suck. i think the book would be a very good movie...if done right!

S. Silver
tinkandalissa said…
Ok. So lucky me had a few days off and now I have to catch up with all that has happened since I've been gone!
The holidays receive mixed reviews on my part. On the one hand I love all the yummy food (not that I need to be eating all the crap that I stuffed myself with on Thanksgiving). On the otherhand, what's with the houses that look like Xmas threw up on them?! Oh and speaking of Xmas and throwing up...the carols and singing - blech! It isnt that I resent the holidays. I just dont get that into them and really dont understand how/why others do. Maybe if I had my own kids it would be "exciting" to a point. But, I dont, so it's not. Do I sound like Eeyore? But another note on the resentment angle...My dad's brother is Christian, his wife is Jewish. So, my cousins always got to celebrate BOTH! That means presents for Xmas and all the days of Hanukkah. What's up with that crap?
Last year I was too depressed to get past putting the star and the lights on the tree. This year I dont even think we'll bother with the tree at all. No money = no presents anyway! I'll end this with a nice big Bah Humbug!!!
NoGrandmother said…
My birthday is in late December, so I just behave as if all of this hoopla is just for MEEEEEEEEE.
Anonymous said…
Hee-Hee. Sorry about that, I am often confused about my age as well. But this time it was just a typo/missing character.

I did in fact believe in santa until I was 9. I'm still bitter.

Is it New Year's yet?
Kristin Cashore said…
Some good questions here -- I"ll put talking about the movie thing on my list -- and I'm enjoying hearing all the ways everyone deals with the holidays. (Good thinking, Owlet ^_^) I went to my local art museum yesterday -- I'm a member and try to get there every week or so -- and was horrified to discover that they were piping horrible Christmas muzak through all of the galleries! UGH IGH UGH! KNOCK IT OFF PEOPLE!
Anonymous said…
i just finished gracling, and i loved it!!! i stole it from mom and finished it in one day. it was sooo good i look forward to reading more of your books. i though the eye concept was really awesome, now i want one of my eyes to turn green.

a new fan,
Anonymous said…
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Kristin Cashore said…
Emma and Susan -- thanks, and welcome!
Anonymous said…
I love some parts of the holidays and hate others. For one thing, December marks the beginning of frantically completing end-of-semester school projects and studying for finals. Not fun. I also hate the mass consumerism that consumes America during the holidays. Which is why I'm very proud and happy about our church being one of the very first to join a group called Advent Conspiracy, which calls for people to give gifts that have actual relational value - things they spent time making, or putting thought into - and not buying useless crap that their friends/ relatives don't want or need. And give the money they would have spent to charity (specifically, Living Water, but I suppose any charity would do). It's very fulfilling - I gave a lot of my own money this year and put thought into gifts for my family, and it was the most satisfying Christmas I've ever had.
P.S. I dislike most Christmas music too, but am usually too busy to hear much of it anyway.

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