"A trip the library has made a new girl of me...

... for suddenly I can see the magic of BOOKS."

(from the musical She Loves Me)

My childhood library in northeast Pennsylvania has a copy of my book, thanks to my mother. So do/will a couple of other libraries important to us, thanks to Mom and Aunt Rose. This makes me oh-so-fuzzy-and-happy.

Then, last week, a friend in Massachusetts reported that she'd checked her own library catalog on a whim to see if they had Graceling yet. They did. Next, an email came from another friend with this subject line: F CAS. She had just cataloged my book. Heeee!

It took a little time for the light to shine through the mud, but eventually I had a stroke of not-being-as-stupid-as-I-usually-am and realized that if it was showing up at other libraries, my own library might have it. I checked -- several copies, and most of them were out. yAt! But even better, the copy at my local branch was NOT out!

This is the point in the story where I hightailed it outside and ran down the street like I was being chased by a rottweiler, except with an aspect of much greater joy. When I got to the library, there it was, on display in the Teen section. I picked it up and rocked it like a baby. It was wrapped in a cellophane wrapping, "Jacksonville Public Library" was stamped on the top edge, and a sticker on the spine said "Fic CASHORE, K."

I'm starting to sniffle, just typing this. I can't describe how I feel. This is so much more than my book being in a bookstore.

My book being in a library is like me being in heaven.

(Check out the ALA's other library posters here)



Anonymous said…
Yay Kristin! There's a waiting list for Graceling at my local lib w/ 5 copies in circulation. Isn't that wonderful.

And nice choice w/ the Ewan McGregor ALA poster. I'm partial to the Orlando Bloom one myself. :o)
elpf said…
There are three copies at my library and holds on them all. I haven't been able to get it yet. Grrr, and yay!
Christi said…
I ordered the book from the library before it came out and there were 14 other such orders. This was a month before it was due to hit the shelves!

I read it and loved it and can't wait for more.
Good for you ^_^ and your book is all checked out in my area as well.(there are 3 copies with holds on all of them)
NoGrandmother said…
I've been checking every week, and now I find that my local system has FIFTEEN COPIES on order!
cindy said…
truly so exciting. congratulations! and confession, i bought your book as a bday present for someone else and then kept it for myself. haha! i couldn't help it. can't wait to read it--tho the reading for pleasure has been slow this year what with debut novel work.

i'm excited to delve into your world! it's on the top of my TBR pile!
Anonymous said…
Wow, Kristin! That's so exciting! I was examining the new shipment of books that had arrived at my high school library yesterday. Guess what I found? Yep. Graceling! I was so excited! I told all the librarians and some random students what a wonderful book it is.

Kristin Cashore said…
Aw, you guys are all SO NICE! I am going to start crying again!

Gretchen Alice said…
I love how Keira has a whole key chain set devoted to her poster.

I read (and absolutely loved) Graceling from the library. Woohoo for libraries!
Anonymous said…
Yep, I've recommended Graceling to anyone who'll listen and my library had a pretty long waiting list as well. Yay you!
Barrie said…
That must be quite the feeling!!
wcpl said…
Just bookmark Graceling's WorldCat listing and watch the number of libraries grow:


Kristin Cashore said…
Ha ha! (The Keira keychain set ^_^)

Thanks, guys, for spreading the library love!

And I just learned some new heart html, so now I can say:

I ♥ libraries!

You're also featured on the Web site of one of my favorite bookstores.


(Oh, and the Seattle Public Library has Graceling.)
Kathy Dawson said…
That was a beautiful post, Kristin.
Kristin Cashore said…
Martha, thanks for the head's up! :o)

And K -- *wink* -- thank you :o)
Unknown said…
Just read your book - it was a great read :)
I'm looking forward to the other books in this world.

Anja from Germany
Kristin Cashore said…
Dear Anja, thank you so much, and I promise that I won't name any more of my lead characters "Butt!"

Anonymous said…
hello! i dont know u but i wantecd to google u and write to say thati loved ur book and well done! keep writing cos i want to read more! i couldnt put it down i read it in like 2 hours! YAY for u!
Alexi said…
Aw, that's wonderful! I was very happy to find that my library, which has a v-e-r-y slow influx of YA books—about half of which are graphic novels—had Graceling. Of course, by that point I'd already bought it, but that was fine with me. :D
When I saw Graceling and read the jacket, I knew that I'd discovered a new favorite author. And I was right. :D The other book I bought that day didn't fare so well. I'm still sulky, because I didn't think it would be very good, and...well...it wasn't. Next time I'll listen to my instincts!
Oh, I should mention, my library has only one copy of Fire. Happily, as library staff, I had *almost* first dibs (heh heh), but the competition to check it out is fierce! Some Brian Blackburn or else Brad Blackbriar or Bilius Bracklefoot (okay, probably not that) put a hold on it before my sister could finish reading it. Mournfulness ensued.

However, it's a good sign for you! Enjoy your December hiatus!
Anonymous said…
I've read Fire and Graceling..and have one word to say :


Truely wonderful novels for any age...please write more books!

Kristen Cashore Fan for Life!
Anonymous said…
Gah, I had to wait FOREVER to get FIRE from my local library. Like 2 billion years--and by 2 billion years I mean 2 months.

It was well worth it!

p.s. Please don't be offended that I did not purchase; I am a poor college student.
Anonymous said…
I cried reading this entry. I just love your blog. It keeps me going in the long dark nights of the soul (aka trudging through the sludge of writers' block). Thank you. Sincerely, Lilli

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