(This is my new battle cry, invented by my publicist, Sarah. Do you find, as we do, that it is immensely satisfying when bellowed?)

Trying to lay low these days, not work too much, not get too crazy. I spent last week proofreading Graceling for the UK edition and doing a couple of interview things. This week I'm settling down with my Fire revisions -- which, I'm pleased to say, are not nearly as terrifying as I'd feared they would be. SNOOD, BE DAMNED.

Great news: I have a Brazilian deal for Graceling and Fire. Thank you to my new publisher, Editora Rocco!

I have been listening to the album Classic Yo-Yo, which I probably don't have to tell you is all Yo-Yo, all the time. Well, mostly Yo-Yo. He performs "Simple Gifts" with singer Alison Krauss, whose voice is impossibly sweet, delicate, and clear -- three adjectives chosen haphazardly because really there are no words. Want to come up with your own adjectives? Well, luckily, this fine fellow on youtube has created a montage of photos to accompany the piece, so you can listen to it here.

Here are two facts about Yo-Yo Ma:
1. He has beautiful and photogenic hands.
2. He was my college graduation speaker and, in the rain, lugged his cello onto the stage, played Mark O'Connor's "Appalachia Waltz" and the 1st movement of J.S. Bach's 1st cello suite, and made me the happiest gal alive. (How many people can say they'll never forget the speech at their college graduation?)

To round out this Post from the Department of Randutiae, here's my favorite recently spotted bumper sticker: "Jesus would use his turn signals."

What is your favorite bumper sticker?

What is your battle cry?

And whose voice do you love?


Anonymous said…
I love the Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite #1. It's the piece that made me start to take cello lessons.
Buraac said…
My favorite bumper sticker is "Jesus is my car insurance"
Anonymous said…
My favorite bumper sticker is "We belong to the Earth; the Earth does not belong to us."

My favorite battle cry is "Long live peace and relaxation!"

And, by FAR, my favorite singer is Alison Krauss. She's got such a beautiful, pure voice.
redpop said…
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redpop said…
favorite all time ever bumper sticker:
'when the axe came into the forest, the trees said, 'the handle is one of us.'
Sarah said…
I never get tired of the "My karma ran over my dogma" bumper sticker.

I am saddened by the realization that I don't have a favorite battle cry! Must remedy.

As far as voices go, I love Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls; she's coming out with a solo album this month.

Actually, I have a Dresden Dolls-related bumper sticker that says "PUNK CABARET IS FREEDOM" and I quite like that. (I'll claim that as my battle cry!)
Kristin Cashore said…
Aimee, I can listen to it over and over again (and have been often, lately!). It's so beautiful!

I love the bumper stickers, especially the earth friendly ones -- thanks everyone. Renie, that bumper sticker is HYSTERICAL -- I might have to get me one of those.

As far as voices go, Arahsae, you remind me of how much I love Stevie Nicks' voice. I think if I could choose my own singing voice, I'd choose hers. :o)
Grouchy said…
Hmmm, I don't have a favorite bumper sticker OR a favorite battle cry. I have to get on that. Recently my favorite voice is Chris Isaak's.
NoGrandmother said…
A friend of mine once went to a dinner party attended by Yo-Yo Ma. She said that he is warm and friendly and just how one wants him to be.


I love my Dingo's voice. Our early relationship was conducted via the telephone, so his voice is all affection and comfort to me.

I love many clever bumper stickers, but the only one on my car is a round green one that says CT.
Kristin Cashore said…
Jess, as a battle cry you might try SNOODS AWAY! Or, HOUSTON, WE HAVE A SNOOD! (and I must agree about Chris Isaaks...)

Owlet, that is lovely news about both Yo-Yo Ma and your Dingo. You remind me that I have an aunt, actually, whose voice is extremely soothing.
Anonymous said…
One of my favorite Bumper stickers is "When life gives you lemons, chuck them at someone"

Also, I just got Graceling 2 days ago, and I wasn't even looking for it, My feet walked me to it on there own and I look up and I see it and I'm like this book has my name on it it must be good so I go and read the first 8 pages and I'm like I really like this.

Another favorite Bumper sticker I like it "I keep kidproofing my car but they still get in"
Anonymous said…
Bumper Sticker: "I never got my letter to Hogwarts, so I'm moving to Forks to live with the Cullens"

Voice: Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood
Marcy said…
I'm just going to answer one of the questions this time. I'm afraid my favorite bumper sticker is: "Save a tree: eat a beaver." Sorry. It makes me laugh, every time. Runners-up are "God was my co-pilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him" (even though it's sacreligious... it, too, makes me laugh) and "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

Now I am going to stop reading your blog for the day, for I've commented quite enough for one day!

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