Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

This Monday post comes to you a bit later than usual, courtesy of US Airways, who stranded me in Charlotte last night. Blergh.

I spent the weekend at the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance conference in Mobile, Alabama. I sat on a panel, went to dinner with some lovely booksellers and Houghton Harcourt friends, had a signing, and collected about 6.02 x 1023 free books. Yes, that's right, I now have a mole more books than I had before.

I learned that downtown Mobile is right on the Mobile River and the Mobile Bay, which feed into the Gulf of Mexico. From my hotel room I had the most wonderful view of the dockyards and many big, big boats. I LOVE dockyards and big, big boats.

I learned that southern independent booksellers are awesome and that some of the nicest people ever work for my publisher. Which I already knew. But now I know it even more.

I learned that the band The Who has ruined any possibility of my ever pronouncing Mobile correctly (because of that song about how they're "going mobile," which always pops into my head whenever I try to pronounce the city name...).

I learned that these type of events are exhausting, but worth it -- though, I don't think I have it in me to do them very often. I'm worn out! :o)

And I learned, in a moment of heartbreak, that I overlooked someone the other day when I claimed not to have celebrity loves. Dear, dear Paul Newman. Raindrops are falling in my heart.

What about you? Learn anything this weekend?

(If you're curious about my raindrop references, this might help.)


Anonymous said…
It could be worse. You could pronounce it Mo-bee-lay.
Anonymous said…
Mobile is a fun place to visit. Did you get to take in any of the fine cuisine? I had the best oyster po'boy there.

I digress - this weekend I learned that reading Stephen King's The Stand will most likely ruin my summer reading rampage. Ach! I'm too hooked to quit, but not excited enough to barrel through the 462,138 words. Wish me luck. :o)
SMM said…
Thank you so much for Graceling. It is by far the best book I have read in a long LONG time. THANK YOU!!!
Kristin Cashore said…
Aimee, ha ha ha! Good point.

EM, I did taste the fine cuisine, and in fact, I think my tummy is still recovering. I ate too much fried food! Good luck with Stephen.

SMM, you're very welcome, and thank YOU!
Anonymous said…
I haven't read Graceling yet, but it sounds great, and a lot of people has said it is so far, but I only ever read books in series [a weird O.C.D. of mine]. So long story short, you said you were making a third book taking place 6 years after the first [ >:P ] [or rather second i guess] but I was wondering if it would still be based on those same characters...Katsa and Po? Thanks! btw, 6 years?!
Glen Akin said…
I haven't read Graceling, but I intend to. Unfortunately I live in the UK and everything takes forever to come out here (22 Jan 2009 for Graceling release?!?! Nooo!). I'll probably get it from somewhere else.

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