Things That Don't Scare Me

I'm afraid of so many silly things. I'm afraid of yellow curry. I'm afraid of my career. I'm afraid that that sharp twinge in my lower right quadrant is my appendix bursting. I was afraid of losing my revision when my house burned down, so I bought a fire-proof safe. Now I'm afraid of robbers, because when the robbers come, what's the first thing they're going to go for? That shiny new safe, of course. Duh.

I am tired of feeling like a scared little nobody. And so today's post is going to be a celebration of things that DON'T SCARE ME!

Things That Don't Scare Me
  • Thunder, heights, spiders, mice, earthworms, and the vast majority of bugs DO NOT SCARE ME.
  • Hard work does not scare me.
  • Flying in small zippy airplanes does not scare me.
  • Solitude does not scare me, and neither does silence.
  • Spelling bees? Spelling bees do not scare me. I competed in the National Spelling Bee twice, thank you very much. My dad competed in the National Spelling Bee. My aunt competed in the National Spelling Bee. My uncle WON the National Spelling Bee. If I can't spell it, I know someone who can. SO JUST BRING IT ON, YOU BASTARDS!!
  • Fat (in food, in people, in me, in reality, in concept) does not scare me.
  • The dentist does not scare me.
  • Gray hairs, growing out of my head, signaling my deterioration, heralding my doom, do not scare me.
  • Picking up a used surgical glove that I found behind the hospital and carrying it barehanded to the trash in order to protect the manatees in the river does not scare me. (I'm not saying I'm not dumb. Just not scared.) (I washed my hands after. Lots.)
  • Tears do not scare me.
  • I do not scare me.

What scares you? What doesn't scare you?


Anonymous said…
i'm scared of global warming, and violence, and people suddenly hating me who didn't hate me a few minutes ago.

i'm not scared of bad cats, or voicing opinions about art, or the dark and ambivalent side of human emotion.
MTP said…
Great post!

I am scared of bees, of flying (actually, it's the takeoffs I'm scared of), of being too opinionated, of Jess' rage :)

I'm not scared of public speaking, strange food, bats, or wearing mismatched clothes.
NoGrandmother said…
Things that scare me: the end of civilization, the car flying to pieces while I'm driving, Bigfoot

Things that don't scare me: my own goofiness, that life ends, that there might not be a god, having to take care of myself

I used to be terrified of abandonment. Then I was abandoned, and it was not so bad. I mean, it was awful, but not killing-awful.
Kristin Cashore said…
I love hearing what everyone is and isn't scared of! Yes, I'm also scared of global warming and of my car flying apart, and I'm not afraid of bad cats, bats, or having to take care of myself. I'm terrified of public speaking, though, mtp, as I think you know :o)
Anonymous said…
Things that terrify me: global warming, germs, attention of any kind, public speaking, the fact that I care what others think of me, drowning in a small, enclosed room (you know what I mean -- in movies the hero always has to escape from the small enclosed room that is rapidly filling up with water), very deep dark water, ticks . . . growing up.

Things that do not scare me: most insects, snakes, arachnids, thunder, solitude, silence, being lonely, English homework, reading, clutter, speaking my mind, midnight, being unsure of myself, being loved, vampires, werewolves, being myself.

What a wonderful post!
Anonymous said…
Things that scare me:
heights, deep dark endless water--(e.g. the middle of the ocean)small spaces, spiders, public speaking and sometimes the dark.Now, in a more serious and less literal sense----losing control of my life, and failure scare me more than anything else.

things that do not scare me:
-working hard
-my future
-blood, gore, etc...
-socials class
-being powerful
-rain and thunder storms

great post---it's nice to share our fears and things we aren't scared of with everyone. :)
Anonymous said…

I'm scared of...
knitting and sewing needles
the world running out of notebooks or purple pens
not being able too achieve my dream (to become a sci-fi writer)
science and math homework

Not afraid of...
Strangers (as well as stange people)
Bugs or venomous animals
english homework
Sami (female) (just in case you didn't figure it out because there are boy samis too and i'm not a boy)

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